My Green Services

Here’s how things typically go after you sign on with me:


  1. You tell me your hopes, dreams, and budget.
  2. We’ll search until we find a house that fits, and I’ll help you negotiate the best deal.
  3. I’ll give you a preliminary list of steps you can take to make the house greener.
  4. When you’re all settled in to your new home, I’ll connect you with Efficiency Nova Scotia, who will do an official audit of your home and make more recommendations.
  5. Finally, I’ll personally introduce you to my trusted Green Service Providers (GSPs). I’ve negotiated special discounts with these local GSPs, so you’ll get solid service and great deals on green products and services (no kickbacks for me; this is part of my green service).


I’m committed to helping you reduce your footprint by adopting green practices into your home and life.